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Every wood fence installation deserves a quality staining solution to help preserve the integrity and look of the fence over time. At Standard Fencing, we provide staining services with high quality oil-based wood stain products that are known and trusted internationally. If you choose cedar fencing, we have the additional option of pre-stained wood fences for even better protection from the moment your fence is installed.

Speak to our fence experts in Toronto, Ontario , for advice and information about the staining process for your beautiful wood fence. We take pride in the quality and professionalism of our fencing and staining services and enjoy helping customers all across the region find the perfect solution for their needs.

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When you have a wood fence installed, it's important to protect your investment. Wood fences are beautiful on their own, but over time, their color will fade into a gray color and when they are not protected from the elements, the natural material is prone to warping or cracking. A high quality wood fence stain will protect your fence and lengthen the life of your fence.

When your wood fence in Toronto, Ontario is stained, it should have a few years of great protection, however maintenance is important. Always take care of your fence, keeping dirt and debris off of the wood. You may wash your fence with a gentle cleaner and you can also sanitize it to keep organic growth from accumulating over time. It's best to restrain your fence every 3 years or so to keep it looking new and fully protected.

Stain your wood fence in the Toronto area any time of year you wish! The main factor in properly staining your wood fence is making sure your wood fence is completely dry with a very low moisture level. If you have questions about how the process works, speak to our fence team for more information.

At Standard Fencing, we do offer pre-stained wood fencing in cedar wood. Pre-stained fences are the best level of protection as they are able to be stained on every side and end, rather than only on the exposed parts of the fence when it's installed.

We use oil-based stains for all our wood fences as they are of better quality. Oil-based stains are able to permeate the wood and create a deeper level of protection that other types of stains cannot. Quality matters!

Yes, wood fences in Ontario can take practically any color paint or stain you can think of. We recommend staining your wood fence due to the higher protection you'll receive. If you prefer to paint, you certainly have that option!

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