While a fence is typically used to define a boundary and provide security, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be attractive and functional in other ways to enhance your property. Although a wood fence is a classic and naturally beautiful choice, you may want to consider adding some personality to your outdoor space.

Standard Fencing, one of the top-rated fence companies in Canada, has come up with some creative ideas you can use to decorate your wood fence.

Unique Ways to Decorate Your Wood Fence

Perhaps you installed a wood fence as a means of protection or to improve the curb appeal of your home. However, you’d also like it to reflect your personal style. Have you ever thought about how your fence is the perfect backdrop for adding some plants or a pop of color to beautify your outdoor space and make it feel a little more unique? Here are some suggestions that combine both style and function to help get your creativity flowing.

Add Plant Beds for Dimension

Adding some plant beds along your fence line is a great way to add depth and color to your yard. Fence beds add dimension and elevate the overall look of your property. Because there are a wide variety of plants, flowers, and bushes available, it’s an easy way to add a great amount of interest to your yard. A trellis with climbing flowering vines is also a beautiful addition to any outdoor space.

Hang Planters or Container Gardens for Color

If you like the look of flowers without the extra maintenance of flower beds, consider dressing up your fence with hanging planters or adding some container gardens instead. Window boxes and plant hangers add a beautiful splash of color and appeal but are easier to care for. Fill them with fresh herbs during the summer or flowering annuals for seasonal blooms. Window boxes or planter hooks can be hung directly on your fence without causing permanent damage and can be removed when not in use.

Paint for a Custom Look

Paint is one of the most popular ways to personalize your fence, and it comes in every color imaginable. You can go with a solid neutral color that will complement most home decor, or you can go with a vibrant, bold color that will reflect your style. Remember to choose a hue that accentuates the existing home colors, and check your HOA regulations so as not to violate any rules.  If this is a concern, you may be able to paint the interior of your fence and keep the side that faces the street neutral. 

For a bolder appearance, you can enhance the look of your painted fence by alternating the colors on the boards and pickets. Because you won’t have a solid block of a single color in your backyard, alternating bright shades with natural hues can add an exciting element to your landscaping. You might even consider stain instead of paint, as it’s an excellent option for those who want to add color and style while allowing the natural grain of the wood to be the star of the show! 

String Lights for Ambience

Hanging outdoor string lights along a stretch of fence or between fence posts is a great way to add something special to your outdoor space. For those who do a lot of outdoor entertaining in the evening, this is a fun way to add a sense of style and whimsy, as well as additional lighting to your next gathering. Lights are an easy way to spruce up your fence and yard without being a permanent fixture.

Attach Decorative Objects or Mixed Materials

Attaching some decorative art pieces to your fence, such as metal sculptures of flowers or animals is a fun way to express your unique taste. Mixed materials, such as stone, wood, or metal can be combined to create a distinctive look, as well as provide a functional purpose. For example, using decorative stones or rocks can help facilitate drainage. 

More to Consider from One of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in Canada

Now that you’ve seen how you can customize it, you may feel ready to take the next step toward installing a new wood fence in your outdoor space. The Toronto fencing experts at Standard Fencing can help you choose the right fence to meet your needs and walk you through the installation process. For a free estimate, you can call us or try our online estimator for your initial quote. Be sure to check out the photo gallery on our website to see what styles we offer or to find some inspiration. A wood fence could be exactly what you need to increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and add some style to your yard. 

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