A Toronto residential fence is a great addition for any yard, but consider how your neighbors will be impacted by the style, placement, and timeline of this project. Standard Fencing, a highly recommended Toronto fence company, is committed to making everyone happy – from our customers to their neighbors. It’s a win-win!

  • Hire a Professional Toronto Fence Company

The first important step is to partner with a competent Toronto fence company like Standard Fencing. Our experienced team will protect your space, respect the peace, and meet deadlines. These things can make or break your fence installation project. It’s easy to overlook the small details, but your neighbors will be grateful for a positive experience.

  • Share Your Plans with the Neighbors

While you are not required to inform neighbors or get their permission for a Toronto residential fence installation, it is a courteous and respectful move. Discussing these plans will reduce any frustration or potential disagreements. Communicate clearly with your neighbors so they know when you’re installing the new fence and what the layout will be. You can even give them a sneak peek at the style and color. If the fence provides privacy or a sound barrier that will benefit both of your yards, your neighbor may even be willing to chip in towards the cost to upgrade the style and/or add privacy enhancements.

  • Verify the Property Lines

Do not assume that you know where your yard ends and where your neighbor’s yard begins. Even when replacing an old fence, double check with a surveyor to be sure. If your current neighbors (or future neighbors) object to where your fence is installed, and you’re not certain about property lines, it could result in a very ugly and costly situation. You could be legally required to move your fence even if you just had it installed. Double check before your build!

  • Respect the Local Aesthetic

Are you choosing a style and color that compliments your house and your neighborhood? Are you part of a homeowner’s association (HOA)? If so, there are likely specific rules regarding fences in your neighborhood. Contact your HOA to find out the specific details before you begin to install your fence. 


Is your house located in a historic district? If so, beware of special restrictions that may prevent you from replacing an old fence. An original fixture, such as a Toronto residential fence, may be protected. If you have any concerns about this, check with your Municipal Licensing and Standards district office. Standard Fencing may offer possible solutions even in special cases within historic districts.

  • Comply with Toronto Residential Fence Bylaws

Even if you don’t live in an HOA or historic neighborhood, there are Fence Municipal Codes that may limit your choices of height and materials. A well-established Toronto Fence Company, like Standard Fencing, can guide you through your fence planning to ensure everything goes smoothly. If your Toronto residential fence is not legally compliant, you be required to tear out your brand new fence. Be sure to fully research the laws and work with a company you can trust. Property owners can request an exemption if their preferred height, style, or type of fence doesn’t meet these bylaws.

  • Keep your Swimming Pool Safe and Secure

A pool enclosure is one type of Toronto residential fence that requires a permit before installation. You must obtain a pool fence permit from your local municipal permitting office and use the right materials, gates, and latching mechanisms. A proper pool fence will give you and your neighbors peace of mind and prioritize the safety of children, pets, and those with special needs. Keeping your property safe and secure is the best way to be a good neighbor!

  • Maintain the Condition of Your Toronto Residential Fence

Take proper care of your fence to protect your investment and keep neighbors happy. Depending on the type of fence, some level of maintenance will be required to keep it looking new. Wood fences will last longer if you pre-stain the wood and reapply stain every couple of years. Chain link fences require even less attention and will stand up against rust and corrosion better if PVC-coated. Remember to clean, maintain, and repair both sides of the fence, not just the side that is facing your property.

  • Strike the Right Balance of Privacy and Visibility

If your house sits uncomfortably close to your neighbor, you may choose to install a privacy fence. There are many styles of wood fences and chain link fences to serve this purpose. From full-coverage wood panels to chain link fencing with privacy slats, you can achieve privacy but still have a welcoming space. Try to strike the right balance so it doesn’t feel like you’re erecting a wall around your home. A perfect fence should complement your space while still providing the security and privacy you need.

  • Choose a Fence Style That Looks Great on Both Sides

Certain types of Toronto residential fences have one side that looks better than the other. There’s an unspoken fencing rule that says your best side should face outward, towards the neighbors and street.  If you want a fence that looks just as good no matter which side you’re on, consider a style like the  “Shadowbox” where both sides of the fence are beautifully finished to look exactly the same. Browse more of these available options at Standard Fencing. We can help you choose a Toronto residential fence that you and your neighbors will absolutely love.

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